Fiesta Fibers
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Peace, Happiness and Good Fortune

All of the fabrics are hand printed with giant stamps that I made. The process is vat dye discharge, where the color is taken out of the fabric and the new color is put onto the fabric in the same process. Fascinating and semi toxic. I have to wear a gas mask when doing it, and that is when the UPS man delivers and kicks the box towards me yelling "I'll sign for it, don't come any closer".

These Chinese character quilts are a new direction for me and I'm really enjoying the process.  I print the fabric with a vat dye and a discharge paste then steam it. The real colors don't come out until the air gets to oxygenate the fabric. It has to  be soaked in peroxide after it comes out of the steamer and washed etc. I carved the images to have them appear to be  wood cuts and some of the stamps are 4 feet long.