Fiesta Fibers
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        Piedmont 2016
        Bethesda Library 2017

     Photos from Fundamentals of Ice Dyeing, May 7, 2016
     Photos from Printing on Fabric with Fiber Reactive Dyes, April 23, 2016
     Photos from Dancing Log Cabin Quilt, June 17, 2016
     Photos from Dancing Log Cabins and Trunk Show, April 11, 2017
     Photos from Ice Dyeing at the Ice House, May 6, 2017
     Photos from Cyanotype Printing at Arrowmont, TN, Sept 17-23, 2017

    Chinese Character Quilts

    Leaf Quilts
        Leaf Quilts 1
        Leaf Quilts 2 
            Embassy Quilts, Press Release

    Sphere Quilts
        Sphere Quilts 1
        Sphere Quilts 2
        Sphere Quilts 3
        Sphere Quilts 4

    Living with Quilts
        Living with Quilts 1
        Living with Quilts 2
        Living with Quilts 3
        Living with Quilts 4
        Living with Quilts 5
        Living with Quilts 6
        Living with Quilts 7

    Indigo Dyed Quilts

    Shibori Style Quilts
        Shibori Style Quilts 01