Fiesta Fibers
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A couple bought 3 of my quilts, the first to deaden the noise of the
copier in the office, the next two to hang in her office and the waiting
room or conference room as noise absorbers... and they work!

This is a quilt made by a student that took one of my
classes for Fairfax Quilters Unlimited.

This quilt was purchased by a couple at the Piedmont show in
Winston-Salem, NC. It now hangs in their bedroom.

From one of my customers.
I bought a yard of the most beautiful silk from you some years ago. It was so
beautiful I couldn’t cut it. However, this past holiday I had 12 days off in
a row and finally had the gumption and ideas and I cut and made these.

This Joseph's Coat quilt was bought by a customer in Baltimore.
She liked the spark of color it brought to the room.