Fiesta Fibers
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Listening to Steven Hawking... and the night sky view brought me to do a
series of hangings with the screen printed fabric, sashed and then screen
printed again over the sash... then do the quilting... I love the series...
especially when Hawking... thinking I'm following the train of his brilliant thought...
said..."ergo" ... I lost the logic, the train of thought, the whole principle of the
lecture... but I did make the cosmos series!

This Dancing Log Cabin quilt, Deep Blue Sea, is beautifully shown on the
furniture of a New Hampshire home. They chose the quilt at the annual League
of New Hampshire Craftsmen 10 day show at Sunapee this year. I love how it
compliments the beautiful wood bedstead and side tables.

Xi'an Walk Way is one of three hangings created after a trip to China. It was a
dream, and I kept pinching myself... I'm here, walking the great wall, seeing the
clay warriors... etc. Their side walks are sticks laid side by side, and river stone
placed in an almost mosaic.... with slate and pattern.... fantastic! I have 367 shots
of walkways! Who knows what's going to come out of this series!

This is a commission I worked on this year (2015). The client wanted yellows
and blues, sent the swatches from her chair and curtains and then picked from fabrics
I sent her to be in the quilt. Lots of fun figuring out which patterns would go where!

A father and daughter were doing the Berkeley Springs Studio Tour looking for a quilt for
the daughter's room. They saw this one and liked the colors. Technology came to the rescue;
they took at picture of it, emailed it to mom for approval and walked out with the quilt.

The quilt is a topper, 65" x 65" called Josephine's coat. It's a paler version of the screaming
red orange yellow and purple of the traditional Joseph's coat. Not a special order, it just fit.