Fiesta Fibers
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Indigo is a ancient vat dye. Most cultures had plant based dyes for clothing and ceremonial fabric. The fun thing about indigo is that when you wrap, tie, fold, pleat, whatever to the cotton fabric it forms a resist and the indigo solution isn't able to fully penetrate the cotton so you can get the patterns that you planned. When you dip the piece into the vat it absorbs the dye where it wasn't wrapped, tied, etc. But it comes out a yellowish chartreuse and right before your eyes, as you're unwrapping the cloth, it starts to grab the oxygen in the air and begins to turn blue.

Eventually it gets to the denim color that we all recognize. But the blues the fabric goes through to get there are wonderful. Occasionally I've wanted it to stop, because there are some dark teals that are gorgeous. But... it goes all the way to 'indigo' blue and I love that too!

Photos from a customer that bought one of my early
Indigo dyed quilts.