Fiesta Fibers
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Bethesda Library - Tree Spirits Exhibition, 2017

See my Show Schedule for more details.

Phil Brown the curator of the Montgomery County Woodturners group asked me to be a
part of their show because of the 'leaf' quilts that I exhibited in the American Embassy in
Saudi Arabia. I created the 'Jungle' quilt Autumn Splendor and the neutral jungle quilt with
the silk screening on it to carry the theme of nature, the creative process and their
relationship to the materials that artists use in their media and convey it to the visitor.
To see the relationship of the theme and the media - how they relate and demonstrate the
artists concept and show the 'Tree Spirit' to all.

Most of the exhibition is populated with work from the Montgomery County MD
Woodturners. So, if you need a lever to get hubby to attend mention the
woodturnings to be seen.