Fiesta Fibers
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Autumn Splendor

My quilt and pillow shams, Autumn Splendor, in the Living with Crafts exhibit at the 2009 League of New Hampshire Craftsmen show. It's my Dancing log Cabin original design in batiks; queen size. My pattern available, contact me.

Forest Floor

This special order for a customer was designed using only three paint chips and their desire for 'Forest Floor' colors. We ended up doing two quilts and picking the one that best represented their choices. I like the double inside strip that accents the outside border and the inside block design.

Leaf Quilt

This is one of my Leaf series. The Leaves were a way of literally and figuratively getting me out of the box! The construction is difficult to accomplish with the leaves going off the quilt and the facing. I had to put a piping around the parts of the leaves outside the square confines of the quilt in order to hide the facing. I printed dots on the fabric before the leaves were appliquéd to the quilt top in order to get some contrast and depth to the background.


I make these as fu, fun, funky as I can to just have a good time doing them. I do try to hide the writing... espresso yourself and Six in the morning with the coffee cups in the batik fabrics so the words aren't standing out and you can appreciate the colors. I also make them as the mood strikes and am constantly looking for other sayings and adages to write on the framed quilt blocks. They're 15 to 16 inches square.


Grandma bought one for the newest grandchild and mom wanted to have the cupcake theme in the baby's room. I had only one so I had to make another one similar. But I ran out of fabric and could only do the background with the opposite fabric, thank goodness I had some of that! Then I turned the cupcake the other way so they became a set! Yeah!

A group of 3 of my leaf panels in the Living with Crafts exhibit at the 2009 League of New Hampshire Craftsmen show.

A quilt purchased at the 2010 League of New Hampshire Craftsmen show in a NH home.